How to plan a better study schedule uk

Mar 25, 2021

How to plan a better study schedule UK ~ how to plan your studying ~ Tips to create a study plan ~ Making a revision timetable that actually works ~ How to create a study plan: The sky is getting dark and the panic is starting to set in; you think, “How could I be pulling ANOTHER all-nighter?”. We’ve all been the victims of bad planning, whether we simply decided to do something other than studying or life was just too busy to fit it in. Fret not, there are small steps you can take to plan your studying more effectively and avoid the last-minute panic.

In this video, you’ll learn the best step-by-step method to make a plan for the upcoming week. Improve your time-management and become an effective planner:

  • First and foremost, read the syllabus. Every topic you will be covering should be there, lecturers don’t keep things secret. Stay up to date on the reading and any small assignments you have throughout the year, this will make studying for a large exam significantly easier.
  • Prioritise the subjects and exams that you are preparing for. We all have strengths and weaknesses and need to spend more time preparing for the subjects we have trouble understanding.

  • Create blocks of time that are dedicated to studying. It is helpful if this is done throughout the semester but should definitely be done in the month or two prior to large exams. Fill these blocks in, giving more time to the prioritised subjects but not ignoring the others.

  • Decide what and how you need to study for each block and on each day. This is individual based upon courses and the way a student learns, but could include making a study guide, practicing equations, listing to course recordings and numerous other approaches.

  • Dedicate your time to studying when a study block is scheduled. This means making sure you have everything on hand that you’ll need to successfully study. Running to the shop for study snacks is not an excuse to procrastinate!

By breaking studying up into blocks of time over a month or more you will be able to gain a better understanding of each subject, retain the information for longer and save yourself lots of stress. There are several helpful tools out there that can help you make a study schedule and setting alerts on your phone can remind you of what and when you are meant to be studying.It is easy to get distracted throughout the semester and in the excitement and busyness of university life but planning your studying will help both your final marks and your mental health!

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