How to stay Productive in University

Nov 11, 2019

Class nights out, clubs and societies, exciting people, a new city to explore, these are just some of the distractions that can crop up in university and limit productivity. Juggling so much can seem overwhelming and can certainly limit the completion of coursework. Some helpful tips to remain productive within university are:

- Don’t leave things to the last minute! Plan and timetable your studying and commit to the timetable. Procrastination not only kills productivity but can damage both your physical and mental health when finals time comes. Limit this by utilising the syllabus at the beginning of term to plan and timetable studying throughout it.

- Break the day into different slots of time can help keep your focus and prevent everything from becoming overwhelming. There are many different ways to do this found by a simple Google search and you can pick the version that works the best for you.

- Pick the most important tasks and focus on them first. Your to-do list for the day should contain achievable tasks. If a to-do list seems overwhelming, try creating a “done list” of all the things that you complete throughout the day. This will both help you to be more productive and enable you to see what you spend your time on; showering and brushing your teeth totally count as things that you have done. Go you!

- Make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Get exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, do all the things that your mother told you to do … she was right. Plus, fitness classes can be a great way to meet those new and exciting people!

- Set small, achievable goals along with your larger aspirations. Working diligently along the way can help to achieve the grades and degrees that you want and make the whole thing seem less overwhelming.

- Sleep. I know, I know, you have too much going on to sleep but your time will be spent more productively if you are rested. Staring blankly at notes at 3 am is not nearly as worthwhile as tackling them fresh after a few hours of rest when your brain can absorb information again. Making sure that you are living a balanced life and taking care of yourself can help with your productivity. Be honest and practical about what you can get done in a given day. No one can do all of the things all of the time!

Now, all this is well and good if you've got the time to allocate to studying; however if you find yourself in a real bind, and are panicking about upcoming assignments, we are here to help.

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