Are you stuck with your PhD writing?

Did you know?

Less than 30%
of students who submit an application to pursue a PhD course in the UK get accepted? So, the probability of not being accepted to do a PhD programme is stacked against by more than 70%.

Q. Did you know that we have many clients who call us to ask how they can be part of the ‘20% PhD Success Club?

A. The straightforward answer is a well constructed, thought out and researched PhD research proposal!

How can our team help achieve this for you?

This process starts by you telling us what subject area you are interested in, and what you want to achieve. We will then assign you with an appropriate PhD writer. The professional writer will then diligently research literatures where there is a gap for new and improved fields of study. UK-Assignments team will ensure that the professional writers prepare more than one title of interest.

These areas are then discussed in detail between you and the writer, to determine which area or title will suit you best.

Once an agreement is made, the writer will proceed with your research proposal. When the professional proposals are completed, our clients have the choice to read their proposals and ask for amendments before submitting to their tutors.

Furthermore, If the professor requires any amendments, our dedicated professional writers will work with you until your proposals are accepted.

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